Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Summer Spritzer fit for a queen!

Here's some  honesty for ya.  I really enjoy sugary drinks like pops and flavored teas and such.  Oh and don't let me leave out mochas ... frozen or hot. However, given that they are so not good for me I've had to come up with alternatives so that I don't go on some crazy binge out of boredom.  I'm a girl who needs variety in my life ... what I drink is no different.

Let me introduce you to a Summer Spritzer.  I really enjoy this drink and there is not one ounce of guilt in it.  I came up with this one weekend when my guys were gone for the weekend.  When I'm home on a "vacation" like that I've always enjoyed doing special things that often revolved around special foods and usually sugary drinks.  I would set up the atmosphere and create (or buy) foods that I normally wouldn't have, put in a chick flick and/or set up a foot bath .. you get the picture. 

So once I got my eating habits back under control I found myself having a "vacation" weekend and I wanted something special.  I was so tempted to cave but I didn't.  I held out but began to feel down.  Then I realized that I just need to find an alternative.  And I also needed to find things to "do" that felt special and not always to "eat".  That's when I came up with the Summer Spritzer.  It tastes nice, feels very special, and is beautiful to the eye.  On my Every Other Day Diet blog I even described this drink as sexy.  It's true!  That weekend I drank sexy summer spritzers, gave myself foot baths, and watched chick flicks.  I felt like a queen!! :)

Summer Spritzer

1 pretty goblet
Naturally sparkling water
Lemon or lime slice
Fresh berries of any kind
fresh mint
Stevia to taste (I don't like mine real sweet)

Combine all the ingredients in your goblet and enjoy.  I sometimes will add just a splash of a juice (preferably unsweetened) to give it a little color and a little different flavor.  I also enjoy adding a little infused mint.

You'll feel like a queen drinking this yummy Summer Spritzer!!  Enjoy!

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