Saturday, August 30, 2008

Got it right this time - Sarah Palin's quote....

Yesterday I attempted to quote Sarah Palin on my blog post called "Are you stuck in the harbor".  I did state that the quote may may not be exact.  Last night while watching Fox news I heard it again.  Sarah Palin said ... 

"A ship in harbor is safe.  But that's not why the ship was built."

I quoted her as saying, "A ship in harbor is safe but that's not the purpose of the ship."  Both are basically saying the same thing.  It's still all about purpose.  My message yesterday still holds.

Why were you "built"?  What were you created to do?  Were you created to stay in the harbor where it's safe?  Or were you created for much more than that?  Are you ready to set sail for your God given purpose?  Would you like to be?

In the very near future I will be announcing a program that will help you set sail and/or continue the journey you are already sailing.  I urge you to fill out the simple form on this site in order to get the latest updates if you haven't already.  When you do remember that you will receive an email to confirm your request.  Until then you will not officially be on the list ... and trust me you won't want to miss out.

Also, do read yesterday's full post "Are you stuck in the harbor".  Feel free to leave a comment.  I will enjoy hearing from you.

Thank you for reading.  I so appreciate you!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement you left on my blog. They meant a lot. Those are great questions you pose in this post. I need to think about them. I don't think I live up to my God given purpose but rather let life get so busy, I float along through it. Looking forward to the announcement of your program.