Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rosacea to Wonder Woman

I was so disgusted with my face. I would get these large hard cyst-like bumps that would take weeks sometimes months for them to go away. Pus or no pus the bumps would always scar. I would console myself with the fact that at least my entire face was no longer flaming red. That was progress, wasn’t it?

It was rosacea, an incurable skin disorder that can be disfiguring (think W.C. Fields with the red bulbous nose) even blinding. I suffered with it for about 20 years but still would not believe the incurable part of this disorder nor was I willing to constantly takes antibiotics or any other medicine long term.

I knew there had to be something, someway to cure this disorder. I prayed for guidance and direction with every flare up. And don’t you know, the flare ups would come at the worst times - any special event when I wanted to look my best. Frustrating to say the least! Feeling beautiful would fly right out the door when someone would ask me, “What’s wrong with your face?” Just what every woman wants to be asked.

Rosacea was a gift to me. Oh I didn’t know that at the time, but it was my body’s way of telling me there was something wrong inside. My body was crying out for help. I knew that I needed help. I just had no idea the kind of help.

I searched the Internet and searched and searched. Lord, please help me! He did. He brought into my life the most beautiful mentor. Georgie taught me so many things about my spirit, about what I needed deep inside. She introduced me to releasing stuck emotions from my body and self-nurture.

Turns out that my face was reacting to old stuck emotions from the problems of my past. Georgie calls it “issues in your tissues”. I certainly did have issues in my tissues. We went to work right away. I was amazed at the results. As the layers began to peel back healing also began to take place. The great part is that she taught me fun, gentle methods to release those issues. It wasn’t grueling psycho therapy kind of stuff.

Right along side of that particular healing method Georgie taught me about self-nurture, which basically was about how to care for myself. Shouldn’t I have known that? One would think so.

“What women need is to learn how to nurture themselves. We need to shower as much loving kindness on ourselves as we habitually shower on loved ones, and even not-so-loved ones. We need to be loved for our fully formed selves, not for our dependent, appeasing selves. And the only way we can have fully formed selves is by granting ourselves the same tenderness and fierce protectiveness we’d otherwise reserve for a beloved child.” ~~ Alice D. Domar, PhD “Self-Nurture”

For the first time in a very long time I started to come alive. What I didn’t tell you is that I was also depressed. There were days that I didn’t get out of bed on top of having this disfiguring skin disorder. I began to explore the world around me and my spirit began to soar. I often found that the simplest activities would give me the biggest punch.

The depression lifted and my face healed as I released the issues in my tissues AND practiced self-nurture. I am so grateful for Georgie. We stay in touch to this day. As a matter of fact we have plans of doing healing projects together. I thank my God every time I think of her.

The Wonder Woman Challenge is the result of the rosacea I once HAD. Because of this supposed disfiguring incurable skin disorder, I am healed on many levels, my inner beauty shines forth more than ever before, and I get to touch women's lives all over the world with this simple message of self-nurture.

Whether you have an incurable disorder or disease, depression, stress, or just searching for more joy, happiness, and the release of inner beauty in your life, I invite you to The Wonder Woman Challenge. And if for no other reason I would be so grateful and touched for your support by taking a look. It might be for you and/or you might know someone who would benefit. Pass it on.

Click ==> The Wonder Woman Challenge

Please pass it on.

It’s all free.

It just might be what you’ve been searching for.

Click ==> The Wonder Woman Challenge - Becoming a woman of wonder!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Be Still ... and Be Beautiful

Sometimes to get in touch with our inner beauty we need to be still and get quiet. I have discovered an awesome way to do that.

I just finished a little routine that I often do in the morning or anytime of day really. The one thing I did differently today was that I set the routine to relaxing spa music. Wow! Did that ever enhance the experience. So much so that I just had to share it with my dear readers.

The activity that I'm referring to is a 5 minute morning yoga routine. The video is at the end of this post so you will get to see it and even give it a try. It's only 5 minutes!! I hope that you discover as I have that it truly impacts the whole person - body, mind, spirit.

1. Body: This activity will get your body moving in a very gentle way. It's energizing yet calming and it just plain feels good. Plus done on some regular basis you will see and feel physical changes.

2. Mind: Your mind will relax and let go of all the tensions of life. It will sooth the stress brain waves that cause us to do crazy things like overeat.  

3. Spirit: You will feel so nurtured that your spirit will sing. A little activity like this will speak mounds of love to your inner self.

In body, mind, and spirit your body will thank you. You will be surprised at how something so small can not only add a bounce to your step but actually be healing. Depending upon your day and where you are, it can even give you warm fuzzies. I've had that experience! =)

Try this simple 5 minute yoga routine with calming spa music in the background. (See my Amazon Picks for suggested music.) Let me know if you walk away feeling relaxed and beautiful from the inside like I do.  

What kind of things do you do to get still and quiet?

"Be still, and know that I am God." ~~Psalm 46:10

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Choosing to celebrate Obama's victory.....

The last 24 hours have been so emotionally exhausting. Since the announcement of our new president I have been so weepy. I haven't been sad, really, just somber. My heart has felt so tender towards Obama, McCain, our country, the black community, the Christian community, etc. My heart has felt tender towards the event in its entirety.

I admit that I am a McCain supporter and I am disappointed, however, what I have been feeling the last 24 hours still didn't make sense to me until this evening. I didn't totally understand this tenderness and, goodness, all the tears. From the get go of electing Obama I knew that my job would be to support him and pray for him. One friend asked me several times what I was afraid of with Obama in office. I couldn't explain myself well.

Finally, after getting out in the fresh air it hit me. I'm not afraid at all. This is what I know. On a spiritual level I have been feeling and sensing that something significant has happened. You may being thinking ... well duh! lol But I'm not solely referring to the obvious. I'm referring to the unseen ... I'm talking about in the spiritual realm. I can't really explain it completely as I only have a small piece of the puzzle. But I just know that it is. And as I am to know these things and act He will direct me. I have peace in that.

My 20 year old son wrote a fabulous note on facebook today. I invite you to read it, think about it, and comment on the wisdom that he has beyond his years. I ask that you join him and I to pray for our new president, our country, and for one another.

By the way... he is a Christian who voted but voted for neither candidate.

On Unity, Collaboration and The Pursuit of Godliness

So it's the 5th of November (remember remember the 5th of November...) and that crazy election just got the results in a little over 14 hours ago.

Obama is officially the next President of the United States of America. Kudos to him. He worked hard for it and won by a land slide. Also, history was made yesterday as he is the first black US president. That's pretty amazing.

But, I must say I'm incredibly disappointed by a lot of people's reactions to Obama (I'm not going to call him B. Hussein Obama or Hussein Obama to make a point, because a man cannot help what his name is and this is a foolish thing to use against him) being elected. ESPECIALLY Christians. Here are some of the Facebook status' I have seen in the last 12 hours. (They're all quotes. I'm keeping the profanity to make a point.)

"xxx apparently lives in a country full of fucking idiots. Good job, everyone."

"xxx didn't vote for the muslim!"

"xxx is excited to see how bad this country gets over the next 4 years."

"xxx knows the end is near."

"xxx is fucked as an American."

I'm sad to say that some of these have come from proclaimed Christian's mouths.

Aren't we as American Christians supposed to be uniting under God as such? The president is in God's hands and we need to support him as our leader and spokesperson. I'd be saying the same thing about McCain if he had been elected.

We need to unite as Americans and as Christians. We need to be proud of our heritage and our country, regardless of what party runs our government for the next four years.

Obama is a child of God, just like you and me. He needs to be in our prayers continuously to make good decisions for this nation.

I'm not going to look at this as some giant mistake the American people have made, because God is in control of this situation, and whether you agree with Obama or not, he needs your support and God's support.

Maybe you're right, maybe he's the worst thing to happen to America - but that won't be proven for some time. And, if he's as "evil" as the Christian community is saying he is, and he's going to mess up this country as much as they think he is, then I think we need to find a new God to worship because according to what's being said the current God can't handle Obama.

We need to unite as Americans and love people, including our President. He's a human being who has just as much sin in his life as everyone else. He just happens to have a lot more responsibility than most.

Pray for our president. Pray for our country. Pray for each other.

Written by Justin A. Nixon, my son! =)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Discovering Your Authentic Beauty

Since starting Girlz Club Beauty Newz Ezine and this blog, the idea of beauty has been working in my mind.  Sure the outward beauty stuff is fun but there is so much more to beauty than what is seen.

Question:  What makes a beautiful woman? ...

Is it what we see on the outside only - a pretty face, a pretty body, the hair, the nails, etc?  How about a healthy body?  I'm sure you know where I'm going with this.  What about the inside?  We've all heard the saying, "beauty is only skin deep".

I think that we would all agree that character has more to do with beauty that any outward appearances.  I have to wonder ...

That which makes a woman authentically beautiful, how much of "that" is trapped within her?

I know, I can hear you asking ... what is "that"?  I'm asking the very same thing.

I'm thinking that it is the essence of who she is.  It's what makes you, you - mind, body, spirit.  I love the following quote written by Pamela Peeke author of "Body for Life for Women":

"When a woman's mind, body, and spirit unite, miracles happen.  Her transformation is a gift that keeps on giving."

Does anything stir inside you when you read that?  It does me.  I don't know about you, but I want to be that walking miracle.  I want to be that balanced woman who reeks with authentic femininity and beauty the way God intended for ME, not the girl next door or at church, the fashion model, nor the movie star.  I want to be the gift that keeps on giving.

I'm on a journey to discover who that is for me.  I am working to pull out the parts of me that are trapped and hidden.  The parts that God intended for me to use but have always been too afraid to live by, or has been stomped down by life, or that just hasn't been developed yet.

Would you like to join me in this journey?  Does this ring a bell for you?  Stay connected to my blog.  Sign up to receive the Girlz Club Beauty Newz E-zine.  There is so much more ahead.

I am beginning to sense that I am to move towards "authentic beauty coaching for the whole woman"  to help others with this process just as I have been helped.  Paying it forward.  It is my experience that a coach is priceless in one's journey.  I am here to meet you where you are whether body, mind, or spirit.

If something is tugging at your heart and you need more information now, by all means, email me at shileennixon@mac.com and we'll get started.

What are your thoughts about "authentic beauty for the whole woman"?  What does it mean?  What's missing in your own life?  What holds you back?

Would you like to be the gift that keeps on giving?  Let me know!!