Friday, October 31, 2008

Discovering Your Authentic Beauty

Since starting Girlz Club Beauty Newz Ezine and this blog, the idea of beauty has been working in my mind.  Sure the outward beauty stuff is fun but there is so much more to beauty than what is seen.

Question:  What makes a beautiful woman? ...

Is it what we see on the outside only - a pretty face, a pretty body, the hair, the nails, etc?  How about a healthy body?  I'm sure you know where I'm going with this.  What about the inside?  We've all heard the saying, "beauty is only skin deep".

I think that we would all agree that character has more to do with beauty that any outward appearances.  I have to wonder ...

That which makes a woman authentically beautiful, how much of "that" is trapped within her?

I know, I can hear you asking ... what is "that"?  I'm asking the very same thing.

I'm thinking that it is the essence of who she is.  It's what makes you, you - mind, body, spirit.  I love the following quote written by Pamela Peeke author of "Body for Life for Women":

"When a woman's mind, body, and spirit unite, miracles happen.  Her transformation is a gift that keeps on giving."

Does anything stir inside you when you read that?  It does me.  I don't know about you, but I want to be that walking miracle.  I want to be that balanced woman who reeks with authentic femininity and beauty the way God intended for ME, not the girl next door or at church, the fashion model, nor the movie star.  I want to be the gift that keeps on giving.

I'm on a journey to discover who that is for me.  I am working to pull out the parts of me that are trapped and hidden.  The parts that God intended for me to use but have always been too afraid to live by, or has been stomped down by life, or that just hasn't been developed yet.

Would you like to join me in this journey?  Does this ring a bell for you?  Stay connected to my blog.  Sign up to receive the Girlz Club Beauty Newz E-zine.  There is so much more ahead.

I am beginning to sense that I am to move towards "authentic beauty coaching for the whole woman"  to help others with this process just as I have been helped.  Paying it forward.  It is my experience that a coach is priceless in one's journey.  I am here to meet you where you are whether body, mind, or spirit.

If something is tugging at your heart and you need more information now, by all means, email me at and we'll get started.

What are your thoughts about "authentic beauty for the whole woman"?  What does it mean?  What's missing in your own life?  What holds you back?

Would you like to be the gift that keeps on giving?  Let me know!!


WD Favour said...

Your post reminds women not to be concerned about the outward beauty that depends on jewelry, or beautiful clothes, or hair arrangements. Be beautiful inside, in your hearts, with the lasting charm of a gentle and quiet spirit which is so precious to God.
I believe that your authentic beauty resides inside you. It's a deep beauty that does not fade.

James H said...

Wow - I so agree with you. Fantastic post!

James H

Anonymous said...

As women we wear many "hats". I believe that the amount of beauty we possess, if you will, is best measured by how well we play each of those roles. After all, we were given those jobs by someone who sees the bigger picture when we can not, right? So, how self-lessly and whole heartedly do we do "our jobs"? How well do we really wear our "hats"? When you see a mother out w/her children, you ponder, how good a mother she is. When you see a couple out, you ponder, how much love there is between them. Do we shine through all the rest of the "stuff" to show our true beauty? Can others see and feel how truly beautiful we really are? There should be no question. We should do everything with as much grace and love and "beauty" that we can. I am certain that we have been given the proper tools required for the job, whatever that job may be.

Heather said...

A quiet and gentle spirit (which is impossible if we are worrying over every little thing), loving (which is impossible if we are bitter and angry). :)