Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rosacea to Wonder Woman

I was so disgusted with my face. I would get these large hard cyst-like bumps that would take weeks sometimes months for them to go away. Pus or no pus the bumps would always scar. I would console myself with the fact that at least my entire face was no longer flaming red. That was progress, wasn’t it?

It was rosacea, an incurable skin disorder that can be disfiguring (think W.C. Fields with the red bulbous nose) even blinding. I suffered with it for about 20 years but still would not believe the incurable part of this disorder nor was I willing to constantly takes antibiotics or any other medicine long term.

I knew there had to be something, someway to cure this disorder. I prayed for guidance and direction with every flare up. And don’t you know, the flare ups would come at the worst times - any special event when I wanted to look my best. Frustrating to say the least! Feeling beautiful would fly right out the door when someone would ask me, “What’s wrong with your face?” Just what every woman wants to be asked.

Rosacea was a gift to me. Oh I didn’t know that at the time, but it was my body’s way of telling me there was something wrong inside. My body was crying out for help. I knew that I needed help. I just had no idea the kind of help.

I searched the Internet and searched and searched. Lord, please help me! He did. He brought into my life the most beautiful mentor. Georgie taught me so many things about my spirit, about what I needed deep inside. She introduced me to releasing stuck emotions from my body and self-nurture.

Turns out that my face was reacting to old stuck emotions from the problems of my past. Georgie calls it “issues in your tissues”. I certainly did have issues in my tissues. We went to work right away. I was amazed at the results. As the layers began to peel back healing also began to take place. The great part is that she taught me fun, gentle methods to release those issues. It wasn’t grueling psycho therapy kind of stuff.

Right along side of that particular healing method Georgie taught me about self-nurture, which basically was about how to care for myself. Shouldn’t I have known that? One would think so.

“What women need is to learn how to nurture themselves. We need to shower as much loving kindness on ourselves as we habitually shower on loved ones, and even not-so-loved ones. We need to be loved for our fully formed selves, not for our dependent, appeasing selves. And the only way we can have fully formed selves is by granting ourselves the same tenderness and fierce protectiveness we’d otherwise reserve for a beloved child.” ~~ Alice D. Domar, PhD “Self-Nurture”

For the first time in a very long time I started to come alive. What I didn’t tell you is that I was also depressed. There were days that I didn’t get out of bed on top of having this disfiguring skin disorder. I began to explore the world around me and my spirit began to soar. I often found that the simplest activities would give me the biggest punch.

The depression lifted and my face healed as I released the issues in my tissues AND practiced self-nurture. I am so grateful for Georgie. We stay in touch to this day. As a matter of fact we have plans of doing healing projects together. I thank my God every time I think of her.

The Wonder Woman Challenge is the result of the rosacea I once HAD. Because of this supposed disfiguring incurable skin disorder, I am healed on many levels, my inner beauty shines forth more than ever before, and I get to touch women's lives all over the world with this simple message of self-nurture.

Whether you have an incurable disorder or disease, depression, stress, or just searching for more joy, happiness, and the release of inner beauty in your life, I invite you to The Wonder Woman Challenge. And if for no other reason I would be so grateful and touched for your support by taking a look. It might be for you and/or you might know someone who would benefit. Pass it on.

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Please pass it on.

It’s all free.

It just might be what you’ve been searching for.

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