Friday, August 29, 2008

Is your ship stuck in the harbor?

Did you catch what she said?  I can't say that I'll quote it exactly but Sarah Palin said something like, "A ship in harbor is safe but that's not the purpose of the ship".  Obviously Sarah meant that in a political sense, but I can't help but to apply that to my personal life ... and I love that thought!

Think about it.  A statement like that causes me to ask the question "Well what is my purpose".  It is so easy for me to play it safe.  However, playing it safe causes me to be stuck.  And when I'm stuck I'm not living out my purpose - "a ship in harbor...".  Right?

I don't want to be stuck in the harbor, do you?  I want to be out sailing where God intended for me to sail.  It is there that I feel the most free, the most content, the most joy.

With that in mind ... ladies ... it's coming!  And I'm excited! I will be unleashing a project that will help you get out of your harbor and on to sailing in clear blue open waters.  You don't want to miss the details.  If you haven't already do register for the updates right here on my blog.

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