Monday, September 22, 2008

Ready to quit your weight loss/fitness program? Don't!!

What is your response when you venture away from your health & fitness program?  What do you do when you "blow it" for a meal, for a day, for the better part of a week? 

So many people just give up. They "blow it" once and figure there's no hope and back to the old eating habits they go and/or the exercise is thrown out the window.  And in the middle of all that they beat themselves up so badly - you know... the negative mental chatter.  Does this sound familiar?

As of last Monday I have discarded 17 1/2 pounds and dropped my body fat percent by 3%.  I am pleased as punch.  However, last week was a bad week in terms of my program.  I wasn't able to stay on target with my healthy eating habits nor was I able to keep up with my regular exercising.

So what do I do?  Do I give up after 12 weeks of great progress?  If a friend came to you seeking support and advice what would you tell her?  Would you tell her what a loser she is and she's never going to make it so she might as well give up now?  No way!  That's ridiculous, right?  So why in the world would we ever talk to ourselves like that??

So this is what I'm going to do...

1.  Stop the victim thoughts AND feelings!  Those thoughts and feelings will only cause me to spiral downward.  That is not my goal.  My goal is life-long eating and exercise habits no matter what the scale says.  And even more than that my goal is to love myself.

2.  Forgive myself and let it go.  Yes, forgive myself for not staying on track, caving, and/or for not planning better.  A simple "I'm sorry" and it's done.  It's behind me so that now I can move forward.

3.  Regroup/refocus.  I need to revisit my short and long term health and fitness goals ... AND my core values that are connected to those goals.  In other words I need to revisit my why.  Make it stronger if I need to.

4.  Tweak/change up my plan.  Let's face it.  Doing the same thing day in and day out week after week gets boring.  I'm a girl who needs variety.  Variety is the spice of life in my world.  Changing things up gives me a since of newness, excitement, and renewed motivation.

That's it.  Those four simple steps is all I need to do to get back on track.  That's all any of us need to do.  And the truth is sometimes we don't even need all four.  

So go for it!  Go for the gold!  Keep your eye on your prize!  You can do it... I know you can!  Your worth it ... and I believe in you!!!

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Jan Tallent said...

I think we all need to be more forgiving of ourselves and treat US like we would treat a friend. You are a great woman and a great inspiration and I agree you need to NOT beat yourself up for a lapse and bravo for going on and not letting said lapse ruin your wonderful progress. Hey, lady, I believe in you!